Attention! Ticket sales for 2024 started. The programme information for 2023 is still on the website!


Anime Festival Kassel is organized and run by more than 100 volunteers. If you want to help us make the convention more beautiful, join in our crowdfunding.

To become part of the crowdfunding project, simply submit your desired donation contribution to the crowdfunding field in our Ticket-Shop. The money collected goes 100% in the event. With your help, we can get another guest of honor from Japan or organize great events for you at the fair. As a supporter, you will also receive a few small gifts from us. The rewards will be expanded according to possibility.


Attention! The rewards shown here are still from 2023. We are planning new rewards for 2024, which we will unfortunately only be able to announce in January/February.
  • all supporters will receive a digital autograph card from the guests of honor by email
  • all supporters will receive a permanent 5% coupon for
  • all supporters take part in our draw where we are giving away different things
  • from 5 Euro you get an exclusive lanyard with our logo & mascot
  • ab 15 Euro erhältst du einen Eintrag als Unterstützer im Programmheft
  • from 15 Euro you will receive an entry as a supporter in the programme booklet
  • from 70 Euro you will receive an exclusive fleece hat with the logo of the Anime Festival Kassel
  • from 100 Euro you get an exclusive Mini Rollup with Manami our anime mascot
  • the top 10 supporters can use our wardrobe almost unlimited (for example, for purchases)
  • the top 5 supporters will receive an autograph card or poster from our guests of honor
  • the top 2 supporters can take part in the honor dinner on Saturday evening


Current donation amount

667,00 Euro

TOP 10 Donators

  • 1. Place - Franziska N. = 70,00 Euro
  • 2. Place - Lukas N. = 70,00 Euro
  • 3. Place - Nadja S. = 42,00 Euro
  • 4. Place - Minh Tuan P. = 35,00 Euro
  • 5. Place - Marcel J. = 35,00 Euro
  • 6. Place - Ronny K. = 35,00 Euro
  • 7. Place - Ric E. = 35,00 Euro
  • 8. Place - Tobias F. = 35,00 Euro
  • 9. Place - Stefan A. = 20,00 Euro
  • 10. Place - Jessika K. = 20,00 Euro

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