Con-Spezial can be ordered until 11.08.

Con-Spezial can be ordered until 11.08.

Info 08.08.2019 17:13

The Con-Spezial can only be booked online until Sunday 11.08.! The graphic for the con-special was created by the high school DxD illustrator Hiroji Mishima himself!

If you also want to book the con-special for the festival, then grab a ticket for the event quickly via The con-special consists of a t-shirt, fabric bag + a little surprise.

Ami Wajima - J-Pop singer

Ami Wajima - J-Pop singer

Guest of honor 01.08.2019 02:28

Welcome with us the Japanese singer Ami Wajima, who among other things has songs for the series Kuromukuro, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, Akanesasu Shoujo and Mayoiga.

Ami Wajima is a singer from Kutchan, Hokkaido, who is signed to Pony Canyon. After an audition by the Japanese entertainment agency Horipro, she made her debut in May 2016 with her first single "Gensō Drive", the title track of which served as the opening track for the Japanese anime series The Lost Village. Her anime songs include songs from the series Kuromukuro, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, Akanesasu Shoujo and Mayoiga.

At the Anime Festival Freiburg she will give a concert on Saturday and Sunday.

Tatsuya Miki - Animator

Tatsuya Miki - Animator

Guest of honor 01.08.2019 02:26

With great pleasure we welcome the Japanese animator Tatsuya Miki. His latest works include "Attack on Titan 3rd Seaseon" and "Weathering with You".

Tatsuya Miki is a freelance anime artist from Japan. He is known for his work on "Attack on Titan 3rd Seaseon", where he took over as Action Animation Director. He was also responsible for the key animation of the new film "Weathering with You" by Your Name director Makoto Shinkai. As a key-animator he worked on several successful animation series like "Naruto", "One Piece", "Bleach", "Love Live", "My Here Academia" or "Made in Abyss". 

Tatsuya Miki shows among others his animation technique live on stage at the Anime Festival Freiburg. Experience the moment how animation is created!

Mitsunori Zaki - Manga artist

Mitsunori Zaki - Manga artist

Guest of honor 01.08.2019 02:24

Welcome with us Mr. Mitsunori Zaki, the Japanese Manga draughtsman of Shonen no Zankyo. He will draw live for you at the Anime Festival Freiburg and talk about his work.

Mitsunori Zaki is a manga artist from Japan. After his debut on "GANGAN -IXA-" by SQUARE ENIX he drew his manga series "Shushu Kitan Itto" on GANGAN Online. Sometimes he took part in the official manga anthology "Final Fantasy XV" (Volume 2, KADOKAWA). 

His latest work is "Shonen no Zankyo", which is published by Kodansha in the monthly magazine "Sirius". He likes to read American comics. His favourite motifs are young and older men. His hobbies are film shows and piano. Mitsunori Zaki gives live drawing, panel and signing sessions at the Anime Festival Freiburg.

shonen no zankyo ©Mitsunori Zaki / Kodansha Ltd.


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