Attention! Saturday is sold out! Only tickets for Sunday are still available. Anyone who wanted to take part in the cosplay competition on Saturday and does not have a ticket now, please contact
Join in! In our cosplay competitions!

Join in! In our cosplay competitions!

Contest 01.08.2022 11:14

The cosplay competition will take place on Saturday at 14:20 on the big stage. If you are a cosplayer yourself, we would be very pleased if you would register for the competition. You can register via e-mail to or on site at the weapon check. If you would like to have sound or video recordings played, please bring them with you on a USB stick or send us information in advance by e-mail.


On Sunday at 16:00 we will have our little fun competition. The main focus of "Show your cosplay" is the love of cosplay. You decide how you want to present your cosplay. Dance, perform a little show or just tell a little bit about your cosplay. If you want to take part, you can register on Sunday at the weapon check or via our e-mail:

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