The event industry is on red alert!!!

The event industry is on red alert!!!

Info 28.10.2020 09:24

Today we want to point out once again together with the initiative #Alarmstuferot (red alert) the terrible situation in the whole event industry! Since March we are in a lockdown without any perspective. Even aid loans are blocked by the house banks, with the reason that the event industry is at the end of its rope...

That is why the second major demonstration will take place in Berlin today, 28.10.2020. Showing the flag without spreading the virus further. We all know that the measures must be taken to protect lives. However, the promised aid should also be implemented! Not only saving planes, cars and cruise ships.

If the government does not clear the way for real aid, the event industry will not survive the winter. An industry that has twice as many employees as the car industry and a total turnover of 130 billion euros, thus generating important tax money for the state. Tax money that has to be distributed fairly! We do not want to compensate for losses, the industry only wants to survive Corona. The government is just trampling underfoot the people who provide culture in this country, who promote education and not the conspiracies. For many people the event industry is the light at the end of the long tunnel that makes life worth living.

We feel the same as everyone else in the event industry! Our income, which is used to maintain the Anime Kultur Verein, to maintain, to maintain the Anime Festival Freiburg and to maintain the Anime Messe Babelsberg, has fallen by 90%.

As a small company / association we only made a profit of 5.000 Euro last year. This is not enough to build up reserves. We do not want any profit either! We always use all our money for the benefit of anime culture! But with a turnover of almost half a million Euros we give many people work. For example the technicians, security forces, caterers, hotels, transport companies, hall operators, tent builders and so on... We give many new artists and dealers a platform that would otherwise be lost in the masses of the internet.

It is time to show the flag with brains! Support the initiative #Alarmstuferot (red alert) by sharing the basic idea! Equal help for all! It cannot be that you have either one employee too few or one too many, that you have your company headquarters in the wrong federal state, that you have 1 m² too much or too little rental space, that you have chosen the wrong legal form for your company or that you are 1 day too young or too old. If you fall through all these grids, the last stop must not be Harz 4 (Social assistance) in connection with the abandonment of the business.

--> We are not unemployed ... we are destitute! <--

Here is a great factual video summary from Till Brönner on Facebook, which describes the situation in which the event industry finds itself. (only in German) "Till Brönner is a German trumpeter, composer, professor for jazz trumpet and photographer."

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