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"Lightning storm - and what?" Photo posing for cosplay beginners

The first time in cosplay - and now? As a newcomer, it can happen quickly if you don't pay attention to seemingly harmless situations. Even 'just for a picture The 'put down' option quickly turns out to be unfavourable in retrospect. So what should you pay attention to? Avoid what?

We want to give you first tips and tricks for cosplaying on your way. On the basis practical examples at the living object we would like to sensitize, how one can and also what you should know when dealing with (foreign) photographers. should note.

Important Note:
From experience, due to the rush, it is sometimes not possible or only briefly possible to consult and photograph for posing tips from Cosplaystudio team to leave. Then just come back at another time. The Cosplaystudio with the photo corner has finally almost continuously all the Con-Days open for you.

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"Lightning storm - and what?" Photo posing for cosplay beginners


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