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Photo wall

Photo wall

Im room of the Cosplaystudio there is the possibility, you with your own camera or the studio team in front of a photo wall. For memories in the or choose one on site and try it out for yourself.

And who (for whatever reason) doesn't dress up in front of others can contact the Cosplaystudio and ask for a photo under Exclusion of visitors his very personal photo memory discreetly take snapshots let.

Important Note:
From experience, due to the rush, it is sometimes not possible or only briefly to try on Cosplays or to get some posing tips from the Cosplaystudio team to be advised and photographed. Then simply come to I'm going to pass by another time. The Cosplaystudio with the photo corner has finally almost all con-days are open for you.

Program times (for possible changes, see room notice board)

14:00 hrs to approx. 18:00 hrs
18:30 hrs to approx. 22:00 hrs

10:00 hrs to approx. 13:40 hrs
14:15 o'clock to approx. 17:10 o'clock
17:30 hrs to approx. 20:00 hrs

10:00 to approx. 17:40 face="Arial, sans-serif">

Program item

Photo wall



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