Replay - Genshin Impact - This is going to be a blast!

Replay - Genshin Impact - This is going to be a blast!

Genshin Impact fans, get ready! Who said you need to be mid-game to dive into the magic of Teyvat? The performance group REPLAY has crafted an exclusive stage spectacle just for you: "Genshin Impact - It's Going to be Explosive!" Sunday, 29th October, 16:40 at the Grand Hall during the Anime Festival Kassel 2023!

The spirited Klee has Mondstadt buzzing, and it's time to follow her on a whirlwind adventure. Can she truly be kept calm with her explosives around? Spectacular performances, humorous interludes, and a touch of magic – all await you in this one-of-a-kind theatrical piece.

Hailing from Hamburg and founded in 2013, REPLAY brings together members from various parts of Northern Germany. After a long line-up of remarkable shows and much invested blood, sweat, and tears, they now present a piece dedicated to the beloved online game "Genshin Impact". Their dedication and passion are sure to touch every heart in the audience. They sincerely hope you'll love it!

Mark the date: Sunday, 29th October, 16:40 at the Anime Festival Kassel. Immerse yourselves in an adventure of epic proportions and experience Genshin Impact like you've never seen before! Join in and be enchanted!

Current info: REPLAY is on the lookout for fresh talent from Hamburg for their new stage production. Interested? Check out Instagram!

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Replay - Genshin Impact - This is going to be a blast!



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  • on Sunday at 16:40

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