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Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

Discover the festival and test your knowledge at the same time! The Anime Festival Freiburg Scavenger hunt leads you through the wonderful world of the subtle anime, manga and games quiz questions and at the same time about the festival. Go on a search alone or in a team. The fastest participant with the most correct answers wins! Interested? Then come to the weapons check at any time and start your journey through the festival!

How does the scavenger hunt work? Go to the weapon check and ask about the scavenger hunt. Think up a team name or nickname! The time will run as soon as you have the running schedule! Tick the correct answer to the appropriate question number and return the completed form to the weapon check. There is always something to win! By the way, every day there are different questions. Once a day everyone can participate.

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Scavenger hunt



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